10-40-430 Time to remain open.
   During the hours between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight, it shall be unlawful to keep open any bridge within the city for the purpose of permitting vessels to pass through the same for a longer period, at any one time, than ten minutes, at the expiration of which period it shall be the duty of the bridge tender or other person in charge of the bridge to display the proper signal and immediately close such bridge and keep it closed for fully ten minutes for such persons or vehicles as may be waiting to pass over, if so much time shall be required, when the said bridge shall again be opened (if necessary for vessels to pass) for a like period, and so on alternately (if necessary) during the hours last aforesaid; and in every instance where any such bridge shall be opened for the passage of any vessel, and closed before the expiration of ten minutes from the time of opening, said bridge shall then, in every such case, remain closed for fully ten minutes, if necessary, in order to allow all persons and vehicles waiting to pass over said bridge; provided, this section shall not be construed as being in conflict with the preceding section, nor as requiring the opening of bridges during the time specified in said section for the same to remain closed; provided further, that all vessels having passed through Michigan Avenue bridge going out previous to closed bridge hours, morning and evening, shall be permitted to pass out to the lake.
(Prior code § 38-45)