2-116-260  Powers and duties.
   The board of crane operators examiners shall have the following powers and duties in the licensing and regulation of crane operators and apprentice crane operators under the provisions of this Code:
   (a)   Preparing forms for license certificates and issuing the same in conformity with the provisions of Chapter 4-288;
   (b)   Preparing or causing to be prepared subject matter for examinations, as provided in this Code;
   (c)   Grading or causing to be graded all tests and examinations for licenses;
   (d)   Prescribing standards for what shall constitute a recognized college, university or trade school, apprentice training program or other knowledge, experience or training requirements and determining the conformance to such standards;
   (e)   Holding regular meetings at any time fixed by rule or resolution of the board; and holding special meetings for any stated purpose on at least 24-hours notice to each member. The chairman or two members of such board may call such special meetings;
   (f)   [Reserved];
   (g)   Holding hearings to contest the suspension or revocation of licenses pursuant to Section 2-116-280 of this Code or for reinstatement of licenses pursuant to Section 2-116-290 of this Code;
   (h)   Keeping a record of the official proceedings of the board; preserving all documents, books and papers relating to examinations for licenses and hearings of complaints or charges; keeping a record of the names, ages, place of business and residences of all applicants for licenses and the disposition made of the applications, the number issued and rejected; keeping an up-to-date record specifying names and addresses of crane operators licensed by this city, including the dates of issuance of all such licenses, keeping a record specifying names, addresses, and dates of licenses suspended, revoked or forfeited, the cause therefor, and licenses renewed and reinstated.
(Prior code § 20-20; Added Coun. J. 7-31-90, p. 19353; Amend Coun. J. 2-22-17, p. 43876, § 2)