(a)   The Manager is authorized to make any contract, purchase supplies and materials and provide labor for any work for the City involving an expenditure of not more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).
   (b)   When an expenditure for any purpose mentioned in subsection (a) hereof exceeds fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), the Manager shall take bids and Council shall, by resolution, authorize and direct the Manager to make and execute all necessary contracts and to make such expenditures according to the procedure hereinafter set forth. Bidding may be conducted electronically.
   (c)   The authorization contained in subsections (a) and (b) hereof shall include, but shall not be limited to, contracts involving the joint purchase of supplies, materials and labor with other jurisdictions and regional authorities, provided, however, that with respect to the Manager's authority under subsection (a) hereof requiring no bids, he or she shall not have the authority to bind the City to any contract with another jurisdiction or regional authority if the City's joint or several liability thereunder may exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).
   (d)   The provisions of Ohio R.C. 153.50 through 153.52 shall have no application to any contracts for work and materials on public improvement projects within the City, and the Manager may, at his or her discretion, determine that such projects may be bid as a whole and not separately.
   (e)   The Manager is authorized to designate any one or more employees for the limited purpose of signing any contract or agreement or groups of contracts or agreements allowed pursuant to Section 210.01(a) above, on behalf of the City, as long as such designation is in writing and such written authority is on file with the Clerk of Council.
(Ord. 17-97. Passed 10-20-97; Ord. 15-03. Passed 8-18-03; Ord. 3-13. Passed 3-18-13; Ord. 14-18. Passed 4-16-18; Ord. 14-20. Passed 8-10-20.)