(a)   Whenever informal bidding is followed pursuant to this chapter, the Purchasing Agent shall prepare a purchase order addressed to the successful bidder, directing him or her to supply the goods or services required in accordance with the terms agreed upon. Such purchase order shall be submitted to the Director of Finance for encumbrance and certification and forwarded to the Manager for final approval. Upon final approval by the Manager, the Purchasing Agent shall distribute copies of the purchase order as follows:
      (1)   The original shall be sent to the vendor.
      (2)   One copy shall be sent to the department head.
      (3)   One copy shall be sent to receiving.
      (4)   One copy shall be filed.
   (b)   Every undertaking by the City involving an expenditure of over five hundred dollars ($500.00) shall be in writing, in the form of a purchase order or of a contract, as may be appropriate. No officer or employee of the City shall have the authority to enter into any oral agreement involving the expenditure of City funds in excess of five hundred dollars ($500.00). The Manager shall sign all contracts on behalf of the City, and he or she and the Director of Finance shall sign all purchase orders. The Director of Finance shall certify that the amount required to meet the contract, agreement, obligation, payment or expenditure for the above has been lawfully appropriated, authorized or directed for such purpose and is in the Treasury or in process of collection, free from any outstanding obligation or certification. In the case of a contract that is to continue beyond the current year and to involve expenditures of money in future years, the Director of Finance shall only certify those funds estimated to be paid by the City during the current year.
   (c)   Purchases under five hundred dollars ($500.00) may be made by any employee or officer of the City without benefit of a purchase order if approved by the department head. It shall be the responsibility of the department head to insure that sufficient funds are available in the account to which the purchase is to be charged. All receipts for such purchases shall be filed with the Finance Department through the Purchasing Agent.
(Ord. 41-76. Passed 8-16-76; Ord. 23-19. Passed 11-18-19.)