Civil Emergencies
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Resolution 43-99, passed September 20, 1999, adopted and approved a Joint Emergency Operations Plan between the City and Washington Township to meet the demands of the City and the Township in the event of a major disaster. Copies of such Resolution and of the Plan may be obtained, at cost from the Clerk of Council.
214.01   Definitions.
214.02   Organization of Office of Civil Preparedness; Manager as Director.
214.03   Powers and duties of the Director.
214.04   Civil Preparedness Plan and programs.
214.05   Liability of City for damage to persons or property.
214.06   Violations.
214.07   Conflicts.
214.99   Penalty.
   Local civil defense - see Ohio R.C. 5915.06
   Exceptions to competitive bids in case of civil emergencies - see ADM. 210.07 
   Traffic direction during emergencies - see TRAF. 404.06 
   Misconduct at emergencies - see GEN. OFF. 648.06 
   Fire Safety requirements for emergency escapes - see B. & H. 1492.03(g)
   Emergency fire alarm systems - see B. & H. 1492.06(b)