Each bid shall contain the full name of each person or company interested therein and shall be accompanied by a sufficient bond or certified check on a solvent bank of not less than five percent of the amount of the bid, the condition of such bond or certified check being that if a bid is accepted a contract will be entered into and its performance properly secured. If the work bid embraces both labor and material, such items shall be separately stated with the price thereof. The Manager may reject any bid where there is reason to believe there is collusion or combination among bidders, upon nonsubmission of a sufficient bond or certified check, or for other reasons where there are sufficient grounds to do so.
   The Manager may establish prequalifications for bidders, including references and a statement of similar work performed.
   No bid submitted under this procedure may be altered or modified on or after the date and time specified in the invitation to bidders.
   Bids shall not be split between or among bidders, and if this occurs, it shall be sufficient cause for rejection of the bid or bids. (Ord. 13-69. Passed 4-7-69.)