Credit Card Policy and Procedures
213.01   Purpose.
213.02   Definitions.
213.03   Officers or employees authorized to use credit card accounts.
213.04   Types of expenses for which a credit card account may be used.
213.05   Procedure for acquisition, use and management of the credit card accounts.
213.06   Procedure for submitting itemized receipts to Director of Finance of a credit card account and presentation instruments related to the account including cards and checks.
213.07   Procedure for credit card issuance, credit card reissuance, credit card cancellation and the process for reporting lost or stolen credit cards.
213.08   Maximum credit limits for credit card accounts.
213.09   Misuse of a credit card.
213.10   Presentation instruments for all credit card accounts.
213.11   Compliance Officer.
213.12   Quarterly reports to City Council.
213.13   Annual report of rewards of credit card accounts.
213.14   Subject to audit.
213.15   Improper expenditure.
213.16   Signed acknowledgment.
Appendix A:   Credit Card Holder Acknowledgment Form