Contracts and Purchasing
210.01   Authority of Manager; competitive bids.
210.02   Advertisement for bids.
210.03   Opening of bids.
210.04   Bid specifications.
210.041   Reverse auction method of competitive bidding.
210.05   Right of rejection; waiver of irregularities.
210.06   Award of bid; execution of contract.
210.07   Exceptions to competitive bids in case of public disasters.
210.08   Purchasing procedure.
210.09   Purchase orders and contracts.
210.10   Inspections of supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services.
210.11   Purchase of Federal and/or State Government surplus.
210.12   Certification of invoices; payment.
210.13   Certification of contracts; payment.
210.14   Participation in contracts with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.
210.15   Participation in contracts with the Ohio Department of Transportation.
210.16   Construction management contracts and professional design services.
   Central purchasing - see CHTR. Sec. 7.06
   Contracting procedure - see CHTR. Sec. 7.07
   Continuation of contracts prior to effective date of Charter - see CHTR. Sec. 13.08
   Contracts for utility services without advertising for bids - see Ohio R.C. 9.30
   Public contracts generally - see Ohio R.C. 735.05 et seq.
   Unlawful interest in a public contract - see ADM. 206.02; GEN. OFF. 606.17
   Preparation of contracts by Municipal Attorney - see ADM. 246.04
   Contracts with other political subdivisions re Building Code enforcement - see B. & H. 1440.03