Whenever the head of a department deems it necessary or desirable that supplies, materials, equipment or contractual services be purchased or secured, said department head shall prepare, sign and submit to the Purchasing Agent a requisition thereof, approved by the Manager, specifying the nature of the purchase desired, the quantity required and the performance requirements to be met. Upon receipt of such requisition, the Purchasing Agent shall inquire of potential suppliers as to the cost of such purchase, in the form of informal offers to supply the items required. If the probable cost thereof will be fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or more, he or she shall notify the Manager, who will initiate the formal bidding process as provided in this chapter. If the cost is less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), he or she shall recommend to the Manager that the Manager purchase from the supplier offering the lowest and best bid among the informal bidders. In the event multiple bids are not available, the Manager shall bring before Council, for approval, any purchase greater than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). All contracts shall have attached a certificate of availability of funds signed by the Director of Finance.
(Ord. 17-97. Passed 10-20-97; Ord. 15-03. Passed 8-18-03; Ord. 3-13. Passed 3-18-13.)