Collection and Enforcement of Water and Sewer Charges
933.01   Definitions.
933.02   Terminating service to customer.
933.03   Water turn-on.
933.04   No discontinuance of service to enforce rent payment, etc.
933.05   Application and contract for water/sewer service.
933.06   Application for service by customers with delinquent accounts.
933.07   Application for service by owners with delinquent accounts.
933.08   Bankruptcy proceedings.
933.09   Billing and collection periods.
933.10   Time limit on payments.
933.11   Estimated bills.
933.12   Payment in full required to restore service.
933.13   Bills must be paid in the order issued.
933.14   Extension of time of payment.
933.15   Service charge for returned checks.
933.16   Delivery of bills.
933.17   Notice of delinquency and shut-off.
933.18   Charges for water/sewer are a lien against property.
933.19   Applicants must agree to conform to bylaws.
933.20   Water to be turned off at main for protection and charge therefor.
933.21   Water/sewer may be refused delinquent persons.
933.22   Fees and charges.
933.23   Delinquent accounts.