1040.01   Construction of water mains and sewers; permission from Council required.
1040.02   Main sanitary sewer extensions.
1040.03   Sanitary sewer laterals.
1040.04   Sanitary Sewer Construction Fund.
1040.05   Connection of storm water conveyances to sanitary sewers.
1040.06   Mandatory connection to sanitary sewer.
1040.07   Sewer openings to be sealed; demolition deposit.
1040.08   Dumping of septic tank materials; permit required; fees.
1040.09   Utility Billing Review Board.
1040.10   Tap-in fees.
1040.11   Water and sewer rates for users within joint economic development zones between City of Barberton and City of Norton.
1040.12   Sewer service and user charges.
Editor’s note:
   Because of the frequency of change, sanitary sewer rental rates are not codified. Copies of the latest relevant legislation may be obtained from the Clerk of Council or the Division of Utilities.
   Compulsory sewer connections, see Ohio R.C. 729.06
   Improper drainage, see GEN. OFF. 660.18
   Industrial Wastewater Review Board, see S.U. & P.S. 1054.30
   Management and control of sewerage system, see Ohio R.C. 729.50
   Plumbing permit and inspection fees, see B. & H. 1444.03, 1444.06
   Power to construct sewerage system, see Ohio R.C. 715.40, 717.01
   Power to license sewer tappers and vault cleaners, see Ohio R.C. 715.27
   Power to regulate water closets and privies, see Ohio R.C. 715.40
   Regulations to control house sewers and connections, see Ohio R.C. 729.51
   Sewer connections in trailer camps and tourist cabins, see B.R. & T. 860.08
   Sewer layers license, see B. & H. Ch. 1422, 1428.01 et seq.
   Sewerage rates, see Ohio R.C. 729.49, 729.52
   Untreated sewage, see Ohio R.C. 3701.59