(A)   Whenever, by reason of § 1040.02 of this chapter or of the original installation, sewer service is made available to the owner of any property not participating in the cost of such extension or original installation, the owner of such property may connect a lateral to such extension at his or her own expense, under the following terms and conditions.
   (B)   The owner shall make an application to the City Engineer, on forms prepared by the Engineer, for a permit to construct the lateral, and the application shall contain the following terms and conditions.
      (1)   The total cost of the house lateral shall be contracted for and paid by the applicant.
      (2)   The city shall not be responsible for any action, cause of action, damage or claim to person or property or for any claim for labor or material arising out of or in any manner connected with such construction.
      (3)   All construction shall be supervised by the City Engineer and shall be subject to his or her inspection and approval.
      (4)   Where a house lateral must be connected to an existing sewer, a Y section shall be inserted by a licensed plumber or sewer tapper or under the direction of the City Engineer. A 30-degree bend must be attached to the Y, and the lateral extended to the house at right angles to the main sewer.
      (5)   The construction shall be subject to all the rules, regulations and ordinances of the city and nothing contained in the application shall be construed to exempt the applicant from sewer rental charges levied by the city.
      (6)   The city shall not levy any assessment charges for the construction of a sanitary sewer for the property described in the application, but the applicant shall pay an amount equal to the latest cash assessment for the district into which the sanitary sewer feeds, in lieu of such assessment. If a lateral has not been carried to the curb line, a discount of 10% shall be given to the applicant to compensate him or her for the cost of carrying such lateral from the main line.
   (C)   Upon approval of the permit for a lateral connection by the City Engineer and the payment of the required sum of money into the City Treasury, a permit for the lateral connection must be obtained from the City Engineer, and no lateral shall be covered before inspection and approval by the City Engineer.
   (D)   (1)   All contracts and costs in connection with the construction of house laterals shall be the sole responsibility of the owner, and the city will recognize no charges incurred by the owner or private contractors based on either a claim for failure to locate a lateral or main sewer line or compensation for the cost of extending a lateral to the curb line.
      (2)   The discount of 10% cash assessment shall be received in full payment for all such costs.
   (E)   Once installed, inspected and accepted, the property owner is solely responsible for the maintenance and replacement of any sewer lateral.
(Prior Code, § 1040.04)  (Ord. 117-1964, passed 7-6-1964; Ord. 174-2014, passed 1-26-2015)