No person shall connect, allow to be connected or suffer to remain connected any roof drain, downspout or other storm water conveyance from any house, building, apartment or other structure or property owned or used by him or her, into any sanitary sewer within the city. The Building Commissioner and/or Superintendent of Utilities shall give written notice to any person violating this section, ordering such violator to remove such illegal storm sewer connection from the sanitary sewer. No person shall fail or refuse to comply with such order. Any person so notified of a violation of this section shall, not later than three months from the date of such notice, remove from the sanitary sewer the storm sewer connection constituting the violation of which he was notified. No person shall refuse to allow the Building Commissioner or the Superintendent of Utilities to make inspections or to conduct tests to determine whether or not a violation of this section exists, upon written request of either of such officials to do so.
(Prior Code, § 1040.06)  (Ord. 22-1970, passed 2-2-1970)