A plot plan submitted for a permit to build shall contain the following information:
   (A)   The elevation of the first floor of the dwelling, or attached garages, unattached garages and other accessory buildings;
   (B)   The finish curb or crown elevation of the street at the point of extension of the lot line;
   (C)   The finish grade elevation at each principal corner of the structure;
   (D)   The finish grade elevation at both sides of abrupt changes of grade, such as retaining walls, slopes and the like;
   (E)   Other elevations that may be necessary to show grading and drainage;
   (F)   The sewer grade and elevation and the location of water mains and services, which shall be shown and approved by the Engineering Division;
   (G)   The scale of the plot plan, which shall be not less than one inch equals 20 feet;
   (H)   The lot, lot number and allotment;
   (I)   The dimensions of the plot and north point;
   (J)   The dimensions of front or building lines and rear and side yards;
   (K)   The location and dimensions of garages, carports and other accessory buildings;
   (L)   The dimensions of all adjacent buildings not separated by a public street or alley;
   (M)   The location of walls, driveways and approaches;
   (N)   The location of steps, terraces, porches, fences and retaining walls;
   (O)   The locations and dimensions of easements, if any;
   (P)   The location and width of streets and rights-of-way and the type of street surfaces;
   (Q)   The proposed drainage and curb cuts, which shall be shown and approved by the Engineering Division; and
   (R)   The location of water, gas and electrical lines under or over rights-of-way or private property.
(Prior Code, § 1444.06)  (Ord. 54-1988, passed 3-28-1988)