(A)   An application to the Building Commissioner for a permit shall be submitted in such form as the Building Commissioner may prescribe. (See minimum plan information format and application form.)
   (B)   The application shall be made in writing by the owner or lessee, or agent of either, or the architect, engineer or builder employed in connection with the proposed work.
   (C)   The application shall contain the full name and address of the owner, the contractor and the officer in charge if the owner is a corporate body.
   (D)   The application shall contain the estimated cost, including material and labor, for which a permit is requested. If an applicant for a permit fails to give a correct statement of the cost of the work for which a permit is requested, the Building Commissioner may submit such work  to the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals for an estimate, which is to be determined by the majority of its members. Such estimate as the Board may so determine shall be used in the granting of the permit.
   (E)   The application shall describe briefly the proposed work and shall give such additional information as may be required by the Building Commissioner for an understanding of the proposed work.
(Prior Code, § 1444.03)  (Ord. 54-1988, passed 3-28-1988)