(A)   All waste from showers, toilets, laundries, faucets and lavatories shall be directed into a sewerage system extended from and connected with the city sewerage system.
   (B)   All sanitary facilities in any trailer which are not connected with the city sewerage system by means of rigid pipe connections shall be sealed and their use is hereby declared to be unlawful.
   (C)   Each faucet site shall be equipped with facilities for drainage of waste and excess water into the sewer. In no case shall any waste water be thrown or discharged upon the surface of the ground or disposed of by means other than as herein provided.
   (D)   Every unit shall be provided with a substantial fly-tight metal garbage depository from which the contents shall be removed by the city garbage collection service.
(Prior Code, § 860.08)  (Ord. 58-1954, passed 7-6-1954)