Employment Provisions
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  Compensatory and fringe benefit provisions are not codified herein since they are subject to frequent change and/or collective bargaining.  Please consult the Clerk of Council for information pertaining to such legislation currently in effect.
157.01   Payment of salaries and bond premiums.
157.02   Leave of absence for military service granted.
157.03   Hiring of temporary employee during military leave.
157.04   Manager's power to grant leaves and reemploy.
157.05   Military service-connected injury; death and retirement benefits.
157.06   Paydays.
157.07   Building Foreman, janitor and assistant  janitor.
157.08   Position classifications and rates of pay.
157.09   Temporary labor.
157.10   Administration of the compensation plan.   
157.11   Holidays.
157.12   Compensation limited by appropriations.
157.13   Maintenance of classification and compensation plans.
157.14   Travel, lodging and meal allowances.
157.15   Payment of lost employee time; City reimbursement.
157.16   Maternity leave.
157.17   Residency requirement.
157.18   Transfer of sick leave hours.
157.19   Use of City vehicles.
Salaries and bonds - see CHTR. Sec. 18
Contract interest - see CHTR. Sec. 19; GEN. OFF. 525.10
Conference expenses - see Ohio R.C. 733.79
Ethics - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 102
Soliciting, receiving improper compensation - see GEN. OFF. 525.11
Dereliction of duty - see GEN. OFF. 525.12