Uses classified as Antennas–Private Transmitting are subject to the following provisions:
   .010   Heights.  Combined tower and antenna shall not exceed a height that is ten (10) feet higher than the maximum height permitted in the underlying zone.  Additional height may be permitted, provided the height is achieved by use of a telescoping device that is only extended when the antenna is in use.
   .020   Location.  The antenna shall be located to the rear of the main dwelling unit and outside required building setback areas.
   .030   Setbacks.  The antenna and its tower shall be located a minimum distance equal to the height of the device from any neighboring residential structure.
   .040   Mounting.  The antenna and its tower shall be self-supporting, ground-mounted and have no external guys or braces that are visible to adjacent properties or public rights-of-way, except during periods of inclement weather, or to avoid a safety hazard.
   .050   Quantity.  Not more than one (1) tower- or ground-mounted antenna shall be permitted on a single parcel of land, and not more than three (3) antennas may be mounted on a single tower.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)