This section applies to outdoor displays used in conjunction with home-improvement stores.  A site plan proposing any outdoor display areas shall be submitted to the Planning Director for review and approval.  The Planning Director may modify any of the following standards, if the applicant can demonstrate that the intent of the standard is satisfied without adverse impacts on adjacent uses or public streets.
   .010   The interior size of the home-improvement store shall be one hundred thousand (100,000) square feet or larger.
   .020   The display area(s) shall be contained within an area or areas designed for an outdoor display.
   .030   The sales transaction shall take place within the enclosed building.
   .040   The display area(s) shall not be located in a parking or pedestrian accessway.
   .050   All portable materials may only be displayed during business hours.
   .060   No signage, in addition to that allowed by Chapter 18.44 (Signs), that is visible from a public right-of-way shall be allowed.
   .070   All portions of the display area(s) shall be located at least two hundred (200) feet from any public right-of-way.
   .080   The display area(s) shall be located no further than thirty (30) feet from the main building.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004.)