Recreation - Billiards are subject to the provisions of this section.
   .010   The applicant shall submit plans to the Building Division demonstrating that the building has the proper occupancy for the proposed use.
   .020   The hours of operation shall cease at 11 p.m., daily.  Later operating hours can be requested through a conditional use permit.
   .030   A Burglary/Robbery Alarm Permit application, Form APD 516 and Emergency Listing Card, Form APD-281shall be completed and returned to the Police Department prior to initial alarm activation.
   .040   That the exterior windows shall remain transparent and any window signs shall be placed so that visibility into the exterior is readily possible from the outside.  If windows are tinted, they shall be light enough for clear visibility into the facility.
   .050   That the activities occurring in conjunction with the operation of the billiard hall shall not cause noise disturbance to surrounding properties.
   .060   That all doors serving the billiard hall shall comply with the requirements of the Uniform Fire Code and shall be kept closed and unlocked at all times during hours of operation except for ingress/egress, deliveries and in cases of emergencies.
   .070   That the parking lot serving the billiard hall premises shall be equipped with lighting of sufficient power to illuminate and make easily discernible the appearance and conduct of persons on or about the parking lot.  Said lighting shall be directed, positioned and shielded in such a manner so as not to unreasonably illuminate the windows of nearby residences.
   .080   That any existing or future public telephones shall be located inside the billiard hall building.  Existing exterior telephones shall either be removed or placed inside the building.
   .090   That the sales and consumption of alcohol shall be prohibited unless a conditional use permit has been obtained for such sales.
   .100   The business operator is responsible for maintaining the area around the billiard hall.  The business shall be established so that any adjacent residential land uses will not be affected by the operation.  There shall not be any outdoor areas adjacent to residentially established land uses.  (Ord. 6245 § 51; June 5, 2012.)