.010   Mechanical equipment designed to reduce odor emissions from the interior space shall be installed for this tenant space and screened from view.  Such information shall be shown on plans submitted for building permits.
   .020   The following operating conditions shall be adhered to in order to maintain cleanliness of the facility and surrounding parking areas.
      .0201   A sign shall be posted in the lobby asking clients to advise a staff member of any animal waste outdoors so that it can be properly removed and cleaned.  Animal waste bags will be available at all times for clients use.
      .0202   All cats shall be transported to and from the clinic in a pet carrier and dogs shall be on a leash.
      .0203   All patients shall wait indoors.
   .030   All animal holding rooms shall be sound insulated in all walls and ceiling.  The demising wall shall be sound insulated and the ceiling throughout the tenant space shall be sound insulated.
   .040   That A.M.C. Chapter (Use of Public Sewers Required) shall be adhered to by ensuring that all animal excrement is collected immediately and disposed of properly (i.e. either in the sanitary sewer, or sealed and placed in municipal solid waste).
   .050   That A.M.C.Chapter 10.09.020 (Prohibition on Illicit Connections and Prohibited Discharges) shall be adhered to by preventing any active or passive discharge of pollutants from the site, and more specifically by adhering to the following preventative measures:
      .0501   Washdown of impervious surfaces (including asphalt with gravel covering) during dry weather shall be prevented from flowing offsite by collecting flow for disposal or routing flow to pervious or landscape areas.  Regular washdown on a weekly basis at a minimum shall be performed to ensure waste solids, liquids or sanitizing/cleaning products or product residuals are flushed from the impervious areas to a collection area or to pervious areas for infiltration.
      .0502   Conduct washdown activities immediately prior to rain events to ensure that rain water does not wash waste solids, liquids, sanitizing/cleaning solution products or product residuals, gravel or other pollutants from this site.
      .0503   Sanitizer or similar sprays being used outdoors shall not be used during windy days or prior to rains when they may be carried offsite.
   .060   That all trash generated from this dog day care facility shall be properly contained in trash bins located within approved trash enclosures.  The number of bins shall be adequate and the trash pick-up shall be as frequent as necessary to ensure the sanitary handling and timely removal of refuse from the property.  The Community Preservation Division of the Planning Department shall determine the need for additional bins or additional pick-up.  All costs for increasing the number of bins or frequency of pick-up shall be paid by the business owner.  (Ord. 6245 § 62; June 5, 2012)