18.38.155   MARKETS.
   All markets shall comply with the provisions of this section.
   .010   All markets shall adhere to the following operating conditions.
      .0101   That any loading and unloading of products associated with the commercial center shall occur on-site only, and shall not take place in any required parking area or within the public right-of-way. A plan shall be submitted to the Traffic and Transportation Manager for review and approval of any proposed loading areas.
      .0102   That all trash generated from this commercial retail center shall be properly contained in trash bins located within approved trash enclosures.  The number of bins shall be adequate and the trash pick-up shall be as frequent as necessary to ensure the sanitary handling and timely removal of refuse from the property.  The Community Preservation Division of the Planning Department shall determine the need for additional bins or additional pick-up.  All costs for increasing the number of bins or frequency of pick-up shall be paid by the business owner.
      .0103   No outdoor storage shall be permitted other than for overflow of operable shopping carts. Carts shall be stored within the designed cart storage areas adjacent to the main entrance.
      .0104   For properties with delivery areas adjacent to residential zones or residential land uses, delivery trucks shall turn off their engines during non-permitted hours of delivery. The authorized delivery hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
   .020   All new markets or new construction within an existing market shall incorporate the following requirements into the development of the center.
      .0201   That a plan sheet for solid waste storage, collection and a plan for recycling shall be submitted to the Public Works Department, Streets and Sanitation Division for review and approval.  The trash storage areas shall be provided and maintained in accordance with approved plans on file with said Department.  Said storage areas shall be designed, located and screened so as not to be readily identifiable from adjacent streets or highways.  The walls of the storage areas shall be protected from graffiti opportunities by the use of plant materials such as minimum one-gallon size clinging vines planted on maximum three-foot centers or tall shrubbery.  Said information shall be specifically shown on the plans submitted for building permits.
      .0202   That rooftop address numbers (minimum four (4) feet in height, two (2) feet in width and six (6) inches thick spaced twelve (12) to eighteen (18) inches) shall be provided.  Said numbers shall be facing the street to which the structure is addressed.  Numbers shall be painted or constructed in a contrasting color and shall not be visible from the streets or adjacent properties.  Said information shall be specifically shown on plans submitted for building permits.
      .0203   That an on-site trash truck turn-around area shall be provided per City Standard and maintained to the satisfaction of the Public Works Department, Streets and Sanitation Division.  Said turn-around area shall be specifically shown on plans submitted for building permits.
      .0204   That the project shall provide for accessible truck deliveries on-site.  Said information shall be specifically shown on plans submitted for building permits.
      .0205   Any proposed block walls at the shopping cart storage areas shall be enhanced with vines to minimize opportunities for graffiti.
      .0206   That prior to final building and zoning inspection, the applicant shall:
         .01   Demonstrate that all structural BMPs described in the Project WQMP have been constructed and installed in conformance with approved plans and specifications.
         .02   Demonstrate that the applicant is prepared to implement all non-structural BMPs described in the Project WQMP.
         .03   Demonstrate that an adequate number of copies of the approved Projects WQMP are available onsite.
         .04   Submit for review and approval by the City an Operation and Maintenance Plan for all structural BMPs.
      .0207   That the locations for future above-ground utility devices including, but not limited to, electrical transformers, water backflow devices, gas, communications and cable devices, etc., shall be shown on plans submitted for building permits.  Plans shall also identify the specific screening treatments of each device (i.e. landscape screening, color of walls, materials, identifiers, access points, etc.).
      .0208   That building and parking lot lighting shall be decorative.  Additionally, lighting fixtures shall be down-lighted and directed away from nearby residential properties to protect the residential integrity of the area.  Said information shall be specifically shown on the plans submitted for building permits.  Light fixtures shall be subject to the approval of the Planning Director.
      .0209   That the parking lot serving the premises shall be equipped and maintained with decorative lighting of a minimum 1-foot candle to illuminate and make easily discernible the appearance and conduct of all person on or about the parking lot.  Said lighting shall be directed, positioned and shielded in such a manner so as not to unreasonably illuminate the window areas of nearby residence.  (Ord. 6245 § 57; June 5, 2012:  Ord. 6286 § 22; September 3, 2013.)