Home occupations shall comply with the following provisions:
   .010   No person other than members of the resident family shall engage in the home occupation.
   .020   No significant increase in pedestrian or vehicular traffic shall be generated by the home occupation.  For purposes of interpretation, more than six (6) total vehicles or eight (8) total people per day relating to the home occupation shall be conclusively deemed a significant increase in traffic.
   .030   No more than a single vehicle used primarily in the conduct of the home occupation may be parked or stored on the public street or anywhere on the subject property other than in an enclosed garage. That single vehicle shall have a weight not in excess of ten thousand (10,000) pounds “gross vehicle weight rating” and dimensions that do not exceed eight (8) feet in total outside width, or seven (7) feet in height, or twenty-one (21) feet in bumper-to-bumper length. Commercial vehicles used in the home occupation that are parked or stored on the premises shall not be visible from any public street or right-of-way. For purposes of this section, a “Commercial Vehicle” is defined as a vehicle with commercial license plates that is not designed and used for recreational and domestic purposes.
   .040   No outdoor storage of materials and/or supplies or other outdoor activity related to the home occupation shall be permitted.  Enclosed storage of home occupation materials and/or supplies is permitted with the following restrictions:
      .0401   Storage of supplies or equipment used in the home occupation may be permitted in a garage, if the storage does not diminish the usable parking space as required by Chapter 18.42 (Parking and Loading).
      .0402   Trailers or tractors weighing one (1) ton or less that are used in the home occupation shall be stored entirely within an enclosed garage, and are subject to the provisions of subsection .0501 above.  Trailers, tractors or trucks in excess of one (1) ton and all wheeled construction equipment shall not be permitted on the premises.
      .0403   Storage of hazardous waste, noxious materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or other substances that may constitute a nuisance shall not be permitted on the premises.
   .050   No exterior aspect of the residential structure shall allow the home occupation to be reasonably recognized as a non-residential use.
   .060   No noise, odor, dust, vibration, fumes or smoke caused by a home occupation shall be readily discernible at the lot boundaries, and the use shall not adversely affect surrounding residents.
   .070   No home occupation shall cause an electrical disturbance that shall adversely affect the property of another person.
   .080   The home occupation shall be operated in conformance with all applicable laws.
   .090   The person conducting the home occupation shall obtain a City business tax certificate for, and shall register the home occupation with, the Planning Department, on forms provided for such purpose, together with payment of a filing fee as established by resolution of the City Council.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 6101 § 28; April 22, 2008:  Ord. 6317 § 12; March 3, 2015.)