All plant nurseries shall comply with the provisions of this section.
   .010   All plant nurseries shall adhere to the following operating conditions.
      .0101   All sales transactions shall take place within the enclosed building on-site.
      .0102   Outdoor storage except for plants, pottery, and fountains, shall be in accordance with the requirements below pertaining to outdoor storage.
      .0103   The property shall be permanently maintained in an orderly fashion by the provision of regular landscaping maintenance, removal of trash or debris, and removal of graffiti within twenty-four (24) hours from time of discovery.
   .020   All new plant nurseries shall incorporate the following requirements into the development.
      .0201   That 4-foot high street address numbers shall be displayed on the roof of the building in a color that contrasts with the roof material.  The numbers shall not be visible from the streets or adjacent properties.  Said information shall be specifically shown on plans submitted for building permits.
      .0202   A final screening and fencing plan for the property shall be submitted to the Planning Services Division for review and approval.  Plans shall reflect the following:
      .0203   The storage areas (for tools, equipment, and other related items) shall be surrounded on all sides by a substantial solid and/or opaque fence or wall at least six (6) feet in height as set forth in Section 18.46.110 (Screening, Fences, Walls and Hedges). The design and the materials used for the fence or wall shall comply with the provision of Section 18.40.150 (Structural Setbacks and Yards) of Chapter 18.40 (General Development Standards) unless provided otherwise in this section.
      .0204   Outdoor storage and display shall not be located in any required setback area and confined to the areas identified on the approved site plan.
      .0205   All gates for access to the property shall swing inwardly or slide sideways and shall be kept closed when not in use except that the gate may be kept open during business hours provided on-site storage cannot be seen from adjacent public streets. The gates shall be subject to approval by the Planning Director and/or City Traffic and Transportation Manager.
      .0206   Any proposed fence shall be decorative and located outside of the minimum landscape setback.
      .0207   All backflow equipment shall be located above ground and outside of the street setback area in a manner fully screened from all public streets.  Said information shall be specifically shown on plans submitted for the Public Utilities Department, Water Engineering Division approval.
      .0208   The locations for future above-ground utility devices including, but not limited to, electrical transformers, water backflow devices, gas, communications, and cable devices, etc., shall be shown on plans submitted for building permits.  Plans shall also identify the specific screening treatments of each devices (i.e. landscape screening, color of walls, materials, identifiers, access points, etc.).
      .0209   Plans shall be submitted to the Planning Services Division for review and approval in conformance with the current version of City Standards pertaining to parking standards and driveway location.  Subject property shall thereupon be developed and maintained in conformance with said plans.
      .0210   An on-site trash truck turn around area be provided per City Standards and as required by the Public Works Department, Streets and Sanitation Division.  Said information shall be specifically shown on plans submitted for building permits.
      .0211   Trash storage areas shall be provided and maintained in a location not within the minimum setback area and acceptable to the Public Works Department and in accordance with approved plans on file with said Department.  Said storage areas shall be designed, located and screened so as not to be readily identifiable from adjacent streets.  The walls of the storage areas shall be protected from graffiti opportunities by the use of plant materials such as minimum one-gallon size clinging vines planted on maximum three-foot centers or tall shrubbery.  Said information shall be specifically shown on the plans submitted for building permits.
      .0212   Adequate lighting of parking lots, driveway, circulation areas, aisles, passageways, recesses and grounds continuous to buildings shall be provided with lighting of sufficient wattage to provide adequate illumination to make clearly visible the presence of any person on or about the premises during the hours of darkness and provide a safe, secure environment for all persons, property, and vehicles on-site.  Said information shall be specifically shown on plans submitted for Police Department, Community Services Division approval.
      .0213   Any structure proposed for the nursery shall be designed to contain architectural elements typically incorporated into a retail building.  Use of temporary trailers or modular structures is not permitted unless such structure is modified to appear like a permanent retail building.  Elevation plans for any proposed structures shall be submitted to the Planning Services Division for review and approval prior to issuance of building permits. Any decision by staff may be appealed to the Planning Commission as a “Reports and Recommendations” item.
      .0214   That “No Trespassing 602(k) P.C.” signs be posted at the entrances of parking lot and be located in other appropriate places as determined by the Police Department.  Signs must be at least two (2) feet by one (1) foot in overall size with white background and black two (2) inch lettering.
      .0215   Prior to final building and zoning inspections, an Emergency Listing Card, Form APD-281 shall be completed and submitted in a completed form to the Anaheim Police Department.  (Ord. 6286 § 24; September 3, 2013:  Ord. 6473 § 27; December 3, 2019.)