Appeals provide an opportunity for reconsideration of land use decisions of the Planning Director in a public hearing.
   .010   Initiation of Appeal. An appeal may be filed by anyone dissatisfied with a discretionary land use decision of the Planning Director. An appeal may also be initiated if the Planning Director requests review of his or her decision.
   .020   Application. An application for appeal shall be made in writing and shall be filed with the Planning Department during normal business hours. The application must clearly identify the appellant(s) and shall specify the decision appealed from and the reasons for appeal. All appeals under this section shall be filed with the Planning Department.
   .030   Timeframes.
      .0301   Request for Review. Any request for review initiated by the Planning Director shall be made orally or in writing.
      .0302   Appeals. An appeal must be filed within ten (10) days subsequent to the decision of the Planning Director.
   .040   Fees. Fees shall be paid as specified in Chapter 18.80 (Fees) provided, however, no fees shall be payable in conjunction with a timely made request for review by the Planning Director.
   .050   Notification and Hearing. Appeals shall be subject to the same notification and hearing requirements as the action being appealed.
   .060   Withdrawal of Appeal. An appeal may be withdrawn by the party who filed the appeal, provided the withdrawal is submitted in writing to the Planning Commission prior to or at the public hearing. However, if more than one (1) party has filed an appeal, all of said parties must withdraw their appeals; otherwise the Planning Commission shall act upon the appeal. If a valid withdrawal is submitted, the decision of the original approval authority shall stand as the final decision at the end of the original appeal period. A timely request for review made by the Planning Director shall not be withdrawn after expiration of the time within which such request for review could be made. (Ord. 6031 § 50; August 22, 2006: Ord. 6156 § 28; September 22, 2009.)