.010   Roof-mounted mechanical or utility equipment (including but not limited to, compressors, condensers, conduits, pipes, vents, ducts, etc., as found in Title 15 (Buildings and Housing) of the Anaheim Municipal Code and in the Uniform Mechanical Code) shall not be visible in any direction (360 degrees) from any public right-of-way, public property or any adjacent property, as may be seen from a point six (6) feet above ground level on such adjacent property, public property, or sidewalk on the opposite side of the street.
   .020   Screening of equipment shall be an integral part of the building design, such that the screening method and materials are not recognizable as a screening device.  The screening shall be provided by acceptable, permanent building materials, the same as or similar to those used in the construction of the underlying building, or by acceptable architectural features of the building itself.  Wood lattice shall not be used as a screening device.  Screening materials shall be the same color as the main building.  Permanent, mature landscaping may be one component of the screening, but only if it provides a complete and sufficient year-round screen.
   .030   All equipment screening shall be retained and maintained in good condition. 
   .040    Exceptions.
      .0401   Solar energy (i.e., photovoltaic) panels shall not be subject to the screening requirements described in Section 18.38.170.  However, accessory power equipment associated with these systems shall be fully screened.
         .01    Panels shall be installed parallel with the roof surface with no more than an eight (8) inch clearance between the bottom of said panel and the roof. Solar energy panels shall be facing south, slightly southwest or slightly southeast.
      .0402   A site plan of the property with the proposed location of the panel system, and a copy of the framing and mounting details indicating the method of attachment shall be submitted for review and approval to the Business and Community Programs Division of the Public Utilities Department and the Planning Services Manager of the Planning Department prior to issuance of building permits.  (Ord. 5920 § 1 (part); June 8, 2004:  Ord. 6101 § 30; April 22, 2008.)