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   (A)   To institutionalize and strengthen the City of Albuquerque's ongoing quest for cost-effective service delivery, an organization-wide policy shall be developed by the city administration incorporating the principles in the following divisions. This policy shall be transmitted by executive communication to the City Council within six months of passage of this resolution.
   (B)   The policy shall create a framework for developing and managing sponsorships of appropriate city properties, events, and services and shall include a means for assessing and selecting the most appropriate and effective approach of sponsorship management, including centralized, in-house administration and/or professional sponsorship management services.
   (C)   To provide both appropriate incentives for city departments to pursue sponsorships as well as to create more tangible benefits to sponsors, a representative portion of any net revenues developed by the sponsorship of any city property, event, or service shall be applied to capital improvements and/or service enhancements for the respective property, event, or service. The Chief Administrative Officer shall address the method to determine the amounts to be used for property or service improvements in the citywide policy.
   (D)   To ensure that sponsorships do not lead to any appearances of conflicts of interest between government and business or between government and the public good, sponsorships shall not be pursued by city agencies which are responsible for law enforcement or regulatory functions, or which perform general governance functions without the specific approval of the Mayor and City Council.
   (E)   This policy shall comply with the city's purchasing ordinance, specifically in regards to any contract which generates over $55,000 in revenues per year and thus requires City Council approval.
   (F)   This policy shall establish appropriate design guidelines that emphasize generally acceptable community standards of decorum and good taste when any sponsorship association exists on a city property or during city events.
   (G)   The city policy shall acknowledge the significant contributions of non-profit support groups, organized to assist certain city functions to better deliver services, and shall equitably establish proper roles and coordination with them regarding the development of sponsorships and the subsequent uses of sponsorship revenues.
   (H)   The city policy shall encourage the use of existing customer representative committees (for example, the Golf Advisory Committee) to develop sponsorship strategies for a specific property or event.
   (I)   When the city has previously named a public facility or property in honor of or memorializing an individual or individuals, that facility or property shall not be eligible for a title sponsorship association.
   (J)   The Chief Administrative Officer shall report on the status of sponsorship activities, policy needs, and sponsorship revenue development to the City Council within one year of the passage of this resolution and annually thereafter for two subsequent years as part of the Mayor's operating budget transmittal to City Council.
   (K)   The Chief Administrative Officer shall assign appropriate city staff to support the coordination of sponsorship activities within the City of Albuquerque.
(Res. 34-1999, approved 3-19-99)