Chapter 30:  City Council
General Provisions
   30-01   Regular meetings
   30-02   Special meetings
   30-03   Notice of meetings
   30-04   Adjourned meetings
   30-05   Rules of order
   30-06   Presiding officer
   30-07   Addressing meeting
   30-08   Executive sessions
   30-09   Work sessions
   30-10   [Repealed]
   30-11   Regular City Council meeting order of business
   30-25   Possession of copies by Mayor and City Council
   30-26   Reading of proposed ordinances and resolutions
   30-27   Copies for public; when full reading required
   30-28   Amendments to proposed ordinances
   30-29   Emergency ordinances and resolutions
Charter reference:
   City Council, see Charter Art. VII
Statutory reference:
   Public meetings and proceedings, see A.R.S. §§ 38-431 et seq.