§ 30-09  Work Sessions.
   (A)   Notice requirements:
      (1)   To establish or change the regular time or place of a work session, or to cancel the same, requires a motion of the City Council at the regular meeting preceding the date to be changed, whenever possible.
      (2)   To the extent that the time or place of a work session needs to be established/changed, or the work session cancelled in its entirety, and it is not possible to take such action at a regular meeting, such action could be taken or a cancellation made in the same manner as set forth above for the calling of special meetings.
   (B)   A work session is an interaction between City Council and city staff and is for the purpose of information, discussion, and deliberation only.  No formal action is to be taken at a work session.
('80 Code, § 2-27)  (Ord. 2005, passed 5-6-81; Am. Ord. O98-78, passed 10-14-98; Ord. O2006-21, passed 3-1-06)