§ 30-11  Regular City Council Meeting Order of Business.
   The City Council shall proceed to transact the business at a regular City Council meeting in the following manner unless the same be temporarily suspended by the presiding officer or a majority of the City Council:
   (A)   Call to order.
   (B)   Invocation.
   (C)   Pledge of allegiance.
   (D)   Roll call.
   (E)   Presentations.
   (F)   Motion consent agenda.
   (G)   Resolution consent agenda.
   (H)   Ordinances.
      (1)   Adoption of ordinances consent agenda.
      (2)   Introduction of ordinances.
   (I)   Public hearings.
   (J)   Appointments, announcements and scheduling.
   (K)   Summary of current events.
   (L)   Call to the public.
   (M)   Executive session.
   (N)   Adjournment.
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