§ 30-01  Regular Meetings.
   The regular meetings of the City Council shall be held each first and third Wednesday of every month at the hour of 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, City of Yuma, Arizona, One City Plaza, Yuma, Arizona; provided that if such meeting shall occur on a holiday, the meeting shall be on the next secular day following; provided further, that the regular meeting day may be changed by motion  upon majority vote of the Council at least two weeks prior to the regular meeting date which is to be changed, provided further that any permanent change in the day and time of meeting shall be done by ordinance.
('80 Code, § 2-18)  (Ord. 1400, passed 12-18-74; Ord. 2005, passed 5-6-81; Ord. O98-78, passed 10-14-98; Ord. O2002-51, passed 8-21-02)
Charter reference:
   Council to provide for time, place of meetings, see Charter Art. VII, § 3