General Provisions
   52.01   Legislative findings
   52.02   System operations
   52.03   Applications for service
Use Regulations
   52.15   Conditions and charges for service connections and repairs
   52.16   Property owner or occupant to keep sanitary appliances and private sewer lines in repair
   52.17   Description of service user charges
   52.18   Description of service user charges for property other than county water
   52.19   Meters or measuring devices under control of the county system; property owner to maintain
   52.20   Description of service user charges for users of county water not discharged into county sewer system
   52.21   Time and method of payment of service charges
   52.22   Charges for use of system without prior knowledge of county department
   52.23   Procedure for discharging excess sludge from domestic septic tank systems, biological treatment plants with NPDES permit or waste water from portable sanitary privies
   52.24   Extension of system
   52.25   Permission and supervision required for uncovering or connecting to public sewer
   52.26   Introduction of designated matter into public sewer prohibited
Industrial and Other Wastes Discharge Restrictions
   52.39   Legislative findings
   52.40   Purpose and policy
   52.41   Definitions
   52.42   Abbreviations
   52.43   General discharge prohibitions
   52.44   Federal categorical pretreatment standards; effect
   52.45   Modification of federal categorical pretreatment standards
   52.46   State requirements
   52.47   Specific pollutant limitations
   52.48   Excessive discharges and dilution
   52.49   Accidental discharge
   52.50   Wastewater discharges
   52.51   Wastewater discharge permits and authorization
   52.52   Connections
   52.53   Reporting requirements for permittee
   52.54   Measurement of flow/monitoring facilities
   52.55   Inspection and sampling
   52.56   Pretreatment
Administration and Enforcement
   52.70   Confidential information
   52.71   Powers and authority for inspection
   52.72   Harmful contributions
   52.73   Revocation of the permit
   52.74   Notification of violations
   52.75   Show cause hearing
   52.76   Legal action by county
   52.77   Falsifying information
   52.78   Protection from damage
   52.79   Surcharge for treatment of industrial wastes
   52.80   Fat, oil, and grease control
   52.81   Fat, oil, and grease control fees and charges
   52.99   Civil penalties