Additional Height and Area Standards
1183.01   Application of chapter.
1183.02   Height of public or semi-public buildings.
1183.03   Heights of chimneys, towers, antenna on non-residential buildings or properties
1183.04   Heights of antenna, wind turbines, solar panels, chimneys, and similar items on residential buildings or properties.
1183.05   Heights of antenna, wind turbines, solar panels, and similar items on residentially zoned or used properties that are not attached to the residence.
1183.06   Accessory buildings.
1183.07   Time to construct accessory buildings; occupancy.
1183.08   Obstructions in yards.
1183.09   Permitted structures and projections, front yards.
1183.10   Permitted buildings, structures, and projections, side and rear yards.
1183.11   Side yards occupied by multiple dwellings.
1183.12   Length of side yard.
1183.13   Courts.
1183.14   Railroad or military vehicles or aircraft prohibited on residential property.
1183.15   Shipping and similar containers prohibited.
1183.16    Barriers Required to Enclose Pools, Spas, Hot tubs and Similar Bodies of Water.
1183.17   Photovoltaic and other types of solar panels and solar panel arrays.
1183.18   Walls and retaining walls.
Control of building heights - see P. & Z. 1101.02, 1101.06
Yards and court defined - see P. & Z. Ch. 1103