150.001   Soliciting immoral acts
   150.002   Gambling and gambling devices
   150.003   Fraud in relation to referendary or recall petitions
   150.004   Abandoned iceboxes
   150.005   Loitering in public places
   150.006   Spitting in public places
   150.007   Alcoholic liquor and minors; purchase, consumption or possession
   150.008   Liquor in open containers in vehicles, parking lots, streets, alleys and sidewalks
   150.009   Curfew for minors
   150.010   Mandatory school attendance and educational neglect; truancy
   150.011   Contributing to the neglect or delinquency of children; parental supervision
   150.012   School residency fraud
   150.013   Speed of boats
   150.014   Waterways and facilities; enforcement
   150.015   Obstructing access to city building or personnel
   150.016   Obstructing city business
   150.017   Flag desecration
   150.018   Posting bills
   150.019   Violation of rules of Municipal Service Commission
   150.020   State misdemeanors
   150.021   Fraudulent schemes; disguises
   150.022   Swimming, bathing and the like in the Detroit River
   150.023   Spray paint
   150.024   Tobacco products; e-cigarettes prohibited
   150.025   Use of roller blades
   150.999   Penalty