Editor’s note:
   This part contains the Charter of the City of Wyandotte, Michigan, approved by the electors on 3-2-1926, and filed with the Secretary of State and in effect on 3-5-1926, as amended.
    In this compilation an original copy of the Charter has been relied upon together with subsequent amendments. It was impossible to use the Charter as contained in the city’s prior code of Ordinances as it rearranged, renumbered and combined sections; however due to     the accidental destruction of older records it has been impossible to ascertain whether certain Charter amendments were approved by the electorate. In such situations, the language in the Charter as compiled in the city’s prior code has been accepted as authoritative and editorial notes of such reliance have been inserted. The Charter is printed as enacted and amended; except that, catchlines have been editorially supplied to facilitate its use.
    Additionally, obvious spelling typographical errors have been corrected and a uniform system of capitalization has been instituted. Any other changes or additions are encased in brackets [ ].
State Constitution reference:
   Power to adopt and amend charter, Michigan Const. 1963, Art. VII, § 22
Statutory reference:
   Home rule act, see M.C.L.A. §§ 117.1 et seq.
We, the people of the City of Wyandotte, County of Wayne, State of Michigan, pursuant to the authority granted by the constitution and statutes of the State of Michigan, do hereby ordain and establish this charter.