(A)   Definition. The term ROLLER BLADES includes any device marketed as such, and also includes skateboards, roller skates, street skates or any other similar device which has coasters or wheels. This definition does not include bicycles.
   (B)   Prohibited. The following uses of roller blades are prohibited:
      (1)   In any manner or location which shall deface or damage any private or public property;
      (2)   Upon planter boxes, windowsills, benches, curbs or in close proximity to doorways so as to hamper the entrance or exit of pedestrians;
      (3)   In any careless or reckless manner which may endanger another;
      (4)   Clinging to a bicycle or to any motor driven device; and
      (5)   In such a manner that the person using the roller blades fails to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.
(Prior Code, § 25-24) (Ord. 1089, passed 5-8-2000) Penalty, see § 150.999