General Provisions
   155.001   Definitions
   155.002   Purpose
   155.003   Interpretation, purpose and conflict
   155.004   Preserving rights in pending litigation and violations under existing ordinances
   155.020   Administrative official
Board of Adjustment
   155.030   Created
   155.031   Powers
   155.032   Modification of building official's order
   155.033   Vote of Board
   155.050   Authority
   155.051   Submission to Planning and Zoning Commission
   155.052   Public hearing
   155.053   Vote required in the event of protest
Building Permits
   155.070   Required
   155.071   Existing permits and private agreements
   155.072   Completion of authorized buildings
   155.073   Permit fee schedule
Certificate of Occupancy
   155.090   Certificates of occupancy or completion
   155.091   Procedure for new or altered buildings
   155.092   Procedure for vacant land or a change in use
   155.093   Contents
   155.125   Nonconforming uses
   155.126   Authority for continued existence of nonconforming structures
   155.127   Nonconforming status
   155.128   Change in ownership
   155.129   Repair and maintenance
   155.130   Nonconforming uses
   155.131   Nonconforming mobile homes and manufactured homes
   155.132   Nonconforming accessory uses and nonconforming accessory structures
   155.133   Nonconforming lots of record
   155.134   Exterior masonry construction standards
Zoning Districts
   155.145   Establishment of zoning districts and boundaries
   155.146   Official zoning map
   155.147   Interpretation of district boundaries
   155.148   Compliance with district regulations
   155.149   R-1 Residential District
   155.150   R-2 Residential District
   155.151   Manufactured Home "MH" District
   155.152   Manufactured Home Parks in a Manufactured Home "MH" District
   155.153   High Density Residential "HD" District
   155.154   Planned Unit Development "PUD" District
   155.155   General Commercial "GC" District
   155.156   General Industrial "GI" District
   155.157   Home occupations
   155.158   Regulations that apply to all districts
Parking Regulations
   155.170   General requirements
   155.171   Design Requirements
   155.172   Joint parking facilities
   155.173   Computation of the number of parking spaces
   155.174   Off-street parking schedule
   155.175   Minimum dimensions for off-street parking
   155.176   Accessible parking spaces for disabled persons
   155.177   Parking lot lighting
Drainage Regulations
   155.190   General requirements
   155.191   Sizing
   155.192   Design
   155.193   Open channel, detention/retention pond design
   155.194   Responsibility of owner and developer
Infrastructure Development
   155.210   Oversizing
   155.211   Reimbursement agreements for oversized infrastructure
   155.212   Reimbursement for infrastructure installed outside a development
   155.999   Penalty