§ 155.070  REQUIRED.
   No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added to or structurally altered without a permit therefore issued by the Building Official. No building permit shall be issued by the Building Official except in conformity with the provisions of this chapter unless he or she receives a written order from the Board of Adjustment in the form of an administrative review, variance or special exception as provided by this chapter.
   (A)   Application for building permit. All applications for building permits shall be accompanied by an accurate plot plan and such other plans as may be necessary to show compliance herewith, submitted in duplicate, and drawn to scale, showing:
      (1)   The actual shape and dimensions of the lot to be built upon.
      (2)   The exact sizes and locations on the lot of the buildings and accessory buildings then existing.
      (3)   The lines within which the proposed building and structure shall be erected or altered.
      (4)   The existing and intended use of each building or part of building.
      (5)   Such other information with regard to the lot and neighboring lots as may be necessary to determine and provide for the enforcement of this division.
   (B)   Return after approval. One copy of all submitted plans will be returned to the owner when such plans have been approved. All dimensions shown on plans relating to the location and size of the lot to be built upon shall be based on an actual survey by a registered public surveyor (registered in the state), and the lot shall be staked out on the ground before construction is started.
(Ord. 09-0721, passed 7-21-2009)  Penalty, see § 155.999