Mobile homes lawfully existing and occupied within the city prior to the effective date of the provisions of this chapter, shall be allowed to continue and be maintained. No expansion or enlargement of a mobile home shall be allowed; provided, however, mobile homes or manufactured homes heretofore installed in compliance with city ordinances, being properly permitted thereunder, utilized continuously as a residence, and being connected to all utilities, may be replaced with newer model manufactured homes, subject to the requirements of this chapter and other applicable law. In the event of such replacement, documentation as to the use and connection to utilities must be provided to the city, and the old unit must be removed and the new unit must be installed within 90 days. An extension of such 90-day limit on replacement may be granted by the Building Official if additional time is necessary because of a natural disaster, fire, death, legal proceeding, or other factor beyond the control of the owner.
(Ord. 09-0721, passed 7-21-2009)