The zoning of property as "GI" General Industrial is intended to provide for a wide variety of light and heavy industrial uses including office warehousing, manufacturing, and product assembly. Most activities shall occur inside a building, however, outside storage of materials and displays may be permitted subject to performance standards.
   (A)   Permitted uses. No building, structure, or land shall be used, and no building or structure shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved or altered except for one or more of the uses identified below, subject to all applicable provisions of these zoning regulations.
      (1)   Agricultural related mill products-manufacturing.
      (2)   Apparel and other finished products-manufacturing.
      (3)   Boat/RV storage, sales, leasing and service.
      (4)   Bottling operations.
      (5)   Chemical and allied products.
      (6)   Drugs and pharmaceutical products manufacturing.
      (7)   Electrical appliances and equipment manufacturing.
      (8)   Electronic components and accessories-manufacturing.
      (9)   Equipment sales, leasing and service.
      (10)   Food and kindred product manufacturing.
      (11)   Furniture and fixtures manufacturing.
      (12)   General building contractors, including heavy construction contractors.
      (13)   General warehousing and storage.
      (14)   Industrial machinery and equipment, including transportation.
      (15)   Laboratories, medical and dental.
      (16)   Leather product manufacturing.
      (17)   Linen suppliers.
      (18)   Lumber and building materials yards.
      (19)   Lumber and wood products manufacturing.
      (20)   Machinery, equipment and supplies-wholesale distribution.
      (21)   Measuring, analyzing, and controlling instruments; photographic, medical and optical goods; watches and clocks; manufacturing.
      (22)   Motor freight transportation and warehousing facilities.
      (23)   Oil field equipment storage and sales.
      (24)   Paper and allied paper products.
      (25)   Petroleum products, (bulk) storage and dispensing.
      (26)   Printing and publishing industries.
      (27)   Research and testing services.
      (28)   Stone, clay, and glass products-manufacturing, storage and distribution.
      (29)   Storage facilities.
      (30)   Textile mill products-manufacturing.
      (31)   Tobacco products-manufacturing.
      (32)   Trucking and other courier services.
      (33)   Veterinary clinics and kennels with outdoor runs, provided that no kennel or building shall be closer than 50 feet to any residential district.
      (34)   Welding and machine shops.
      (35)   Wholesale and warehouse distribution centers.
      (36)   Wholesale trade; durable goods: furniture, lumber and construction materials, commercial equipment and supplies, electrical goods, hardware, and miscellaneous durable goods.
      (37)   Wholesale trade; non-durable goods: paper products; drugs; apparel; groceries and related products; beer, wine, and distilled alcoholic beverages; and miscellaneous nondurable goods.
      (38)   The above uses are not intended to be all-inclusive. Additional industrial uses may be permitted, which are similar, have comparable impact on adjacent property, and correspond with the purpose and restrictions of this district.
   (B)   Height and area regulations. The height of buildings, the minimum lot size and the minimum dimensions of yards in this district shall be as follows:
      (1)   Height. Height shall be governed by the current adopted version of the International Building Code.
      (2)   Lot size. A lot in this district shall comply with the lot size requirements of the city subdivision regulations found in § 154.37.
      (3)   Location on lot. A structure shall be located not less than 25 feet from the front lot line, not less than ten feet from a side lot line, and not less than 25 feet from the rear lot line.
   (C)   Masonry requirements. All structures specifically inherent to this zoning designation shall have the exterior walls constructed with a percentage of masonry calculated at the lessor of 25% of all street facing sides, or 400 square feet of masonry.
      (1)   Multiple buildings on a single parcel. All street facing sides or portions thereof not physically obstructed from street view by another building on the same parcel as viewed perpendicular to the street right-of-way are subject to the masonry requirements. For all buildings other than the leading buildings if the square footage of masonry required for the visible unobstructed portion is less than 10% of that entire wall surface then that side or portion thereof is exempt.
(Ord. 09-0721, passed 7-21-2009; Ord. 13-1119, passed 11-19-2013; Ord. 15-0818B, passed 8-18- 2015)  Penalty, see § 155.999