Required off-street parking for any number of separate uses may be combined in a joint parking facility under the conditions of this section, subject to the approval of a joint parking facility plan by the Building Official. Such joint parking facility plan shall be reviewed by the Building Official for conformance with this section.
   (A)   Joint parking facilities permitted. Whenever two or more uses are located together in a common building, shopping center, or other integrated building complex, the parking requirements may be complied with by providing a permanent, common parking facility, cooperatively established and operated, which contains the requisite number of spaces for each use. The joint parking facility shall be located within 300 feet from all uses, and shall not be separated from such uses by arterial streets. The total number of spaced provided shall not be less than the sum of the individual requirements for all uses, unless otherwise permitted in these regulations. Spaces provided for any permanent residents of dwellings shall be clearly designated and separated from spaces provided for employees, customers and service.
   (B)   Multiple ownerships and structures. Where buildings, uses or structures participating in a joint parking facility are owned by multiple owners, each owner shall provide evidence of a permanent, legal instrument, approved by the City Attorney, which guarantees such owner's rights to the use of the parking facility. Any termination of or amendment to such an agreement shall be subject to the approval of the city.
   (C)   Churches. Churches may establish joint parking facilities with other uses that do not have a time conflict in parking demand. However, only 50% of a church's required parking spaces may be provided in this manner. In addition, such joint parking facilities shall be located no more than 400 feet from the church sanctuary.
   (D)   Guarantee. Joint parking facilities shall guarantee the permanency of the joint use and maintenance through an appropriate legal instrument, approved by the City Attorney, and filed of record.
(Ord. 09-0721, passed 7-21-2009)  Penalty, see § 155.999