The zoning of property as R-1 Residential is intended to provide for conventional detached single-family dwellings. The purpose of the R-1 district is to provide for development of standard low-density residential development in areas where adequate public facilities exist and residential development is appropriate, given the surrounding land uses and neighborhood.
   (A)   Permitted uses.  No building, structure, or land shall be used, and no building or structure shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved or altered except for one or more of the uses identified below, subject to all applicable provisions of these zoning regulations.
      (1)   Accessory residential uses.
      (2)   Agricultural use or accessory agricultural uses on lots of one-acre of more.
      (3)   Conventional detached single-family residences.
      (4)   Home occupations incidental to a permitted residential use.
      (5)   Private recreational facilities owned and operated by or on behalf of a residential subdivision or development.
      (6)   Patio Homes.
      (7)   Two-family dwellings.
      (8)   Group homes.
      (9)   Churches.
      (10)   Schools.
   (B)   Height and area regulations. The height of buildings, the minimum lot size and the minimum dimensions of yards in this district shall be as follows:
      (1)   Lot size. A lot in this district shall comply with the lot size requirements of the city subdivision regulations found in § 154.37.
      (2)   Location on lot. A structure shall be subject to the setback restrictions established in the city subdivision regulations found in § 154.35 of the code and shall be located not less than 25 feet from the front lot line, not less than five feet from a side lot line, and not less than ten feet from the rear lot line.
   (C)   Masonry requirements. All structures specifically inherent to this zoning designation shall have the exterior walls constructed with a percentage of masonry calculated at 50% of the major street facing side, and 25% of the minor street facing side for lots with more than one street frontage.
(Ord. 09-0721, passed 7-21-2009; Ord. 13-1119, passed 11-19-2013; Ord. 15-0818B, passed 8-18- 2015)  Penalty, see § 155.999