(A)   Connections. All owners of improved property located within the corporate limits and on or within a distance of 200 feet of any village water line shall connect their premises with the village water system. Except as otherwise provided in divisions (B) and (C) of this section, nothing shall prohibit the continued use of water from private wells for any purpose other than domestic use. There shall be no cross-connection of the village water system with any private well or any other source of water supply.
   (B)   Private wells. No water well may be constructed within the village unless such well is constructed and operated in accordance with the following standards and specifications:
      (1)   Water drawn from wells may not be used for drinking, but may be used for non-potable purposes such as irrigation and washing of automobiles.
      (2)   No well shall be constructed to a depth of more than 80 feet from the surface.
      (3)   No well shall have a casing diameter greater than four inches.
   (C)   Permit required. Water wells are considered a structure and shall require a permit issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer prior to beginning construction.
(Ord., passed 1-27-21)