(A)   The rates and charges for water service shall be established by periodic resolution of the Village Council. Said rates may be higher than standard WWD rates to fund improvements, repairs, or expansion of the village owned utility system. Rates are established on a scale which requires increased per gallon rate for higher usage amounts.
   (B)   Bills for water usage shall be rendered monthly on or about the first Thursday of the month. Failure to make payment by the last Monday of the month shall result in a late fee being added to the outstanding bill. Failure to make full payment of the previous month’s bill including the late fee by the fifteenth of the following month will result in severance of water services. Water service shall not be restored until the person applying for reinstatement has paid the outstanding bill, late fee, and re-connect fee as established by resolution of the Village Council. Additionally, residents who do not have a utility deposit on file and have had their water turned off for non-payment will be required to pay a deposit as established by resolution of the Village Council.
(Ord., passed 1-27-21)