(A)   Whenever the Mayor is informed by the Director of Public Utilities or WWD that water supplies are below the level necessary to meet normal needs and that serious shortages exist, the Mayor is empowered to declare by this section that a water shortage crisis exists. In addition, the Mayor is authorized to call upon all water customers to employ water shortage crisis measures as outlined in the Village Water Shortage Response Plan. These restrictions shall continue until the emergency is ended by announcement of return-to-normal conditions by the village. Under a water shortage crisis, the village will provide for the equitable distribution of critically-limited water supplies, in order to balance demand and limited available supplies, and to ensure that sufficient water is available to preserve public health and safety.
   (B)   To meet the objectives of the declaration of a water shortage crisis:
      (1)   It is imperative that water customers achieve an immediate further reduction in water use in order to extend existing water supplies and, at the same time, ensure that sufficient water is available to preserve the public health and sanitation and to provide fire protection service.
      (2)   The immediate further reduction in water usage is another step along a continuum of responses to the present water supply shortage. Should the shortage continue, further reductions in usage may be required. It must be emphasized that the additional usage reduction in the rationed area is a valid and attainable goal reflective of the conditions that currently exist.
      (3)   The plan provides for equitable reductions in water usage and for equal sacrifice on the part of each water consumer. The success of this chapter depends on the cooperation of all water customers in the emergency area.
   (C)   Commercial water customers shall reduce water usage by 15% to 20%.
   (D)   Non-commercial water customers shall reduce water usage by 15% to 20%, based on the annual average.
      (1)   It is the primary responsibility of each non-commercial water consumer to meet the mandated water usage reduction goal in whatever manner possible.
      (2)   Each non-commercial water user shall provide access to village personnel for purposes of meter reading and monitoring of compliance with this section. All reasonable efforts will be made to contact customers to arrange for access.
      (3)   The village will provide each non-commercial customer with suggested means to reduce usage levels.
   (E)   The village has responsibility for monitoring of compliance during the water crisis.
(Ord., passed 1-27-21) Penalty, see § 50.99