(A)   Utility service can be established by completing an application and delivering it to the Clerk of the village. The assigned meter will be read and a billing cycle established. No person shall make connection with the water system of the village until that person has made application for and received permission to connect as provided herein.
   (B)   Such application shall describe the locality of the connection. At the time the application is made, tap fees as established by the Village Council shall be paid. In addition to tap fees, the applicant shall also pay in advance for repair of any pavement that must be disturbed.
   (C)   In the event a home is not occupied after initiation of utility service, normal billing continues just as if the home was occupied. A request for suspension of utility service may be made at any time and the village staff will read the meter, turn off service, and provide an invoice for services.
(Ord., passed 1-27-21)