General Provisions
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Exemptions
   90.03   License fees; tags, kennel operation
   90.04   Kennels
   90.05   Confinement of dog on premises of owner
   90.06   Confinement other than on premises of owner
   90.07   Running at large
   90.08   Barking and howling
   90.09   Abandonment; condition of pen and premises
   90.10   Restraint; criminal penalty
   90.11   Rabies clinic
   90.12   Licensing outside of rabies clinic; proof of vaccination
   90.13   Revocation of license for dangerous or nuisance dog or cat
Livestock and Fowl
   90.25   Definitions
   90.26   Distance from buildings
   90.27   Suitable enclosure
   90.28   Running at large
   90.29   Waste removal
Dangerous Animals
   90.40   Requirements for owner of dangerous dog or dangerous animal
   90.41   Determination that dog or animal is dangerous
   90.42   Hearing
   90.43   Registration
   90.44   Attack by dangerous dog
   90.45   Destruction of dog or dangerous animal
   90.46   Violations
   90.47   Defense
Administration and Enforcement
   90.60   Animal Control Department
   90.61   Impounding of dogs; destroying of dogs; release of animals
   90.62   Reclaiming animals; fees
   90.63   Rabies control
   90.64   Notice of offenses and violations; arrest, duty and power of Animal Control Department
   90.99   Penalty