8.1.   PURPOSE
   The purpose of this article is to:
8.1.1.   Assure that all land divisions, land spits, and are in with the ’s regulations regarding land ;
8.1.2.   Assure a coordinated vehicular and pedestrian circulation system;
8.1.3.   Establish minimum standards for land divisions and ;
8.1.4.   Assure that all or are provided with ;
8.1.5.   Provide an expedient and consistent review process;
8.1.6.   Obtain accurate survey and permanent public record of the boundaries of created by the division of lands and ;
8.1.7.   Facilitate the conveyance of land by reference to an accurate legal description by means of a recorded ; and,
8.1.8.   Provide a convenient method of describing property being conveyed.