General Provisions
   90.001   Adoption of state law pertaining to street improvements
   90.002   Approval of plans and specifications for street improvements
   90.003   Preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates for street improvements
   90.004   Erection or maintenance of obstructions
   90.005   Impeding passage along streets
   90.006   Persons causing obstruction by stopping or standing
   90.007   Obstruction by businesses or business activities
   90.008   Permit for placing materials on street or sidewalk
   90.009   Driving across or obstructing ditches
   90.010   Interference with or obstruction of public improvements
   90.011   General standards for work; cleaning of premises after completion of work
   90.012   Use of unimproved/unopened rights-of-way
Sidewalks, Driveways, Curbs and Gutters
   90.025   Definitions
   90.026   Compliance
   90.027   Injuring sidewalks
   90.028   Permit for construction or repair; lines and grades to be specified by City Engineer
   90.029   Responsibility of contractor for adequacy of work
   90.030   Specifications
   90.031   Location of trees or shrubbery planted along sidewalks
   90.045   Permit required for street excavations
   90.046   Application for street excavation permit
   90.047   Bond required for street excavations
   90.048   Issuance of street excavation permit; obligation to restore surface
   90.049   Manner of opening street; placement of material removed
   90.050   Use of sheeting and bracing in trenches
   90.051   Supervision of street excavation work
   90.052   Responsibility for repair of streets
   90.053   Manner of repairing and filling street excavations
   90.054   Protection, guards and warnings for excavations or holes in public place
   90.055   Duties upon completion of work in street
   90.056   Acceptance of completed work in street; use of bond or deposit to pay for costs of repair
Street Rental Charges
   90.070   Applicability
   90.071   Annual report of gross receipts
   90.072   Amount and payment of rental
   90.073   Receipt; privileges granted
   90.074   Rental not a tax
   90.075   Rental to be in lieu of certain taxes and fees
   90.076   Reservation of rights by city
   90.077   Inspection of fixtures; correction of unsafe conditions
Trees, Shrubs, Other Plants at Intersections
   90.090   Definition
   90.091   Authority of city to remove prohibited growth
   90.092   Restricted areas
   90.093   Maximum height of shrubs and similar plants
   90.094   Minimum clearance of trees
Construction in Public Rights-of-Way
   90.105   Findings and purpose
   90.106   Authority; scope
   90.107   Definitions
   90.108   Municipal authorization required
   90.109   Administration and enforcement
   90.110   Construction obligations
   90.111   Conditions of public rights-of-way occupancy
   90.112   Insurance requirements
   90.113   Indemnity
   90.114   Governing law
   90.115   Termination
   90.116   Unauthorized use of public right-of-way
Statutory reference:
   Authority to appropriate property for streets, alleys and the like, see Tex. Local Gov’t Code § 251.001
   General provisions relating to municipal streets, see Tex. Transportation Code §§ 311.001 et seq.