(A)   Any person seeking to place facilities on, in or over the public rights-of-way shall first file an application for a building permit with the city and shall abide by the terms and provisions of this subchapter pertaining to use of the public rights-of-way.
   (B)   Any person, except a certificated telecommunications provider, prior to placing, reconstructing or altering facilities in, on or over the public rights-of-way, must obtain separate municipal authorization from the city.
   (C)   Any person with a current, unexpired consent, franchise, agreement or other authorization from the city (“grant”) to use the public rights-of-way that is in effect at the time this subchapter takes effect shall continue to operate under and comply with that grant until the grant expires or until it is terminated by mutual agreement of the city and the person, or terminated as otherwise provided for in law.
(1998 Code, § 106-174) (Ord. 99-51, passed 8-18-1999)